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Believe In Yourself

Lakina Fulks

Believe In Yourself is a weekly show created to uplift and motivate it’s viewers. Created by author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and host of Believe In Yourself Tuesday, Lakina Fulks. It’s your weekly dose of inspiration and encouragement. Everything you need is right inside of you. All you need to do is believe in yourself!

Claudreen Jackson Show

Claudreen Jackson

The Claudreen Jackson Show is a captivating television talk show that delves into the lives, dreams, and stories of real people from all walks of life. Hosted by the charismatic and empathetic Claudreen Jackson, this show is not your typical talk show – it’s a celebration of humanity, empathy, and the power of shared experiences.

Each episode of “The Claudreen Jackson Show” brings together an eclectic mix of guests, ranging from everyday heroes to celebrities, artists, activists, and innovators. The show’s core mission is to create an open and safe space for genuine conversations, where guests can share their unique perspectives, challenges, and triumphs with a caring audience.

Claudreen Jackson, has an unyielding passion for autism and believes int he supernatural glory and power of God. In each episode she skillfully guides the discussions with her warm-hearted nature and thought-provoking questions. Through her vast experiences and depth of knowledge, she fosters a meaningful dialogue that often leaves both guests and viewers enlightened, moved, and inspired.

Viewers can expect emotional roller coasters, heartfelt confessions, life-changing insights, and moments of unexpected laughter. From heartwarming tales of personal growth and resilience to riveting accounts of social change and innovation, “The Claudreen Jackson Show” will touch upon a diverse range of topics that resonate with people from all generations.

“The Claudreen Jackson Show” doesn’t shy away from addressing societal issues, advocating for positive change, and promoting empathy and understanding among its viewers. Claudreen, known for her genuine compassion and unwavering commitment to making a difference, often collaborates with guests and organizations to support causes close to their hearts.

Garland E Waller

Garland E Waller

Tune in for all-original music that glorifies Jesus!

Judah Nation Show

Jonathan Isaac

A Television/Talk Show – Where Christianity becomes alive & real through real people. Life is difficult all by itself, and even more complex when we try to figure it out on our own. Judah Nation talk show is a way for us to navigate life together! Jonathan Isaac lets you behind the scenes of his life and speaks on varies life topics with people from all walks of life. Topics of faith, sports, relationships, and so much more.

J.U.M.P. Ministries

J.U.M.P. Ministries Global Church

J.U.M.P. Ministries live segment has become a resource for thousands of people worldwide to learn their God given talents and become the best version of themselves. We specialize is building people by the power of the Holy spirit and taking them from a life of defeat to a life of God proclaimed victory! Enjoy an array of sermons, that personally speak to your “right now” circumstance, brought to you by Bishop Dr. Durone Hepburn. Topics of righteousness, freedom, healing, suicide, prosperity and so much more.

Kingdom Connect

Takita N Isaac & Johnny B.

Let’s talk Kingdom!

Lifting You Higher

Hannah Hopkins

Tune in for excellent content from Hannah Hopkins.

My Story

Pastor Phuong Hepburn

My Story is a dynamic talk show created to be a voice of hope for this generation. Pastor Phuong Hepburn received a vision to create a platform that allows men and women to share their stories, in hopes it will help those watching and going through the same thing. The bible tells us that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the WORD of our testimony, which is the core valuable in which we stand on. People from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures come together to share their life changing journey.

The Official Power Couple

Drs. Willard and Karen Smith

Join the dynamic Christian duo as they delve into the joys and challenges of marriage, offering wisdom and insights on “The Power Couple Speaks.”

She’s Deeply Rooted

Haydee Irving

Tune for powerful testimonies from Haydee Irving.